Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 4 - The Slow Movement

Watch the video below by Kevin Marshie and learn a little bit more about the Slow Food Movement:

Now that we've explored the concept of slowness, share with the group your own perspective on the topic. Choose some of the questions below and answer them in your comment:

Do you and your family eat your meals together?
How often do you cook together?
Did your parents teach you how to cook?
How would you consider the pace of your life nowadays?
Do you agree with Carl Honoré and Kevin Marshie that we should invest in slowing down? Why/Why not?
Have you ever had a turning point in your life that you had to reconsider your priorities and slow down?
What kind of changes could you make in your life to have more quality of life and profit more from it?


  1. Wow, so many questions! :-) In my family, we eat breakfast and dinner together but not lunch. We never cook together because our kitchen is very small. Most of the time we eat "slow food," but occasionally we eat fast food.

    In general, I'd agree that "slowing down" is a good idea. The most important change that I personally should make is to get more exercise on a regular basis.

  2. We are descendent from big and traditional families.I have 8 and my wife has 9 brothers/sisters. We always loved to cook and have lunch together. My wife is a very good cooker and she taught some of my five sons to cook. Athough they now are married, we use frequently to join everybody to talk and have lunch or dinner in my house. In these occasions, everyone brings some food cooked by themselves.

    We also like to be considered very good barbecue cookers.

    We don't like fast food.

    I agree with Carl Honoré and Kevin Mashie that we should invest in Slowing down.

    In many aspect, I think I've been practicing slowdown during many years of my life without knowing about it. But now I know.

  3. Hi Claire and Pedro, thank for sharing some of your habits with us. My family is not so big. I only have one sister. But after my mom passed away, my dad got married again and now I have one stepbrother and two stepsisters. Believe it or not, only my stebrother and I like cooking, so we are the ones to cook on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, we don't get together to cook very often. I eat out very often because my house is far from my workplace, so I don't get to go home for lunch. I like inviting friends over to cook on the weekends. We usually cook pasta or barbecue. I love going out for sushi also, but on weekdays I have fast food.

  4. Hi, my family always eat together on saturday and sundays, 'cause during the week i'm working and have my lunch at restaurant, since i was a teenager that i know how to cook, but now i prefer to only to eat; i consider my lifestyle good, although its could be better specially if i stay more time in home, but how can we live in a material world, and need to get money, i work during 8 hours a day, and i don't think that it's be a big problem, because a have my weekens free to do everithing that i want; i consider my lifestyle normal, neither too slow neither so fast, and i think that everyone has your time must be live according your way, yes i already did changes in my life when i decided to work only in one job, ath that time i was a teacher and teach in three schools, so i didnt have time to my family and to enjoy my friends and my money, but now i work only in one place and sometimes i do environmental consulting.

  5. Alberto VILAR TRINDADENovember 14, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    Hi everybody! I am from a big family with six brothers and we used to have meals together and it was so greatful. Now I am married and we have three kids who love having meals together too. Unfortunately me and my wife don't know how to cook but we have a very nice maid who cooks very well and that's why we have most our meals in our home. We like to invite friends to eat and drink together and some of them cook divinely, so it's possible to join people and have a very pleasant slow food. By the way I only eat fast food in very few situations.
    I agree with Carl Honoré and Kevin Mashie when they explain and defend the idea of slowing down. We should make many things but we should have time to think about ideas, fellings, friendship and so many abstract things.

  6. Sus Nyrop in Denmark says:
    I wish to tell something about my childhood, as a background for my actual role as a cooking housewife. My husband often wonders why I do not always get a perfect result with very traditional food. when I was 10, my mother trusted me enough to cook for the family, alone in our very narrow kitchen, and I had a disaster with boiling pasta water - som from that day, I was almost never allowed into her domain, apart from baking an occasional cake. Somehow this also meant that I did not even think of myself as a "good cook"! Instead of developing an everyday cooking routine in a natural manner, I liked to study recipes and books about healthy nutrition, which was the way I turned my own parenting - food should be rich of nutrients and poor af additives, and as close to nature as possible. Not necessarily gourmet, but never ever fast food takeaway!
    My actual situation is different, my husband is retired long ago and I am also partly retired by now. We eat most of our meals together. He has a strong preference for old fashioned country food, which takes a good deal of time to prepare, unfortunately HE himself does not cook often, so I need to learn the ropes, by now I can cook slow and very tasty and satisfying meals, with meat potatoes and gravy - AND many vegetables. And, still no takeaway :-)