Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 3 - Googleplex

After watching the video about Google workplace, answer the following questions.

What are some perks given to Google employees?
What is Google getting in return for their employee benefits program?
What kind of drawback could this kind of Human Resources management have?
Do you think what Google has done for their employees could be implemented in your workplace? Would it be a viable solution? Why/why not?

Choose three questions to answer. Then, add comments to your colleagues' answers.


  1. 1-Perks given to Google emploees:
    Free food, Fitness Center,Massage Center, Free Laundry, Free Medical Assistence, Game Room,etc...

    2-Google is getting a great increase in their profits.

    3- The Human Resources performed by Google are giving them a drawback in terms of loyalty of their employees and a growing rate of productivity.

    4- I'm retired now, but I have known that my ex-Company is finishing the construction of a new building. In this new one, employees will have a Fitness Center, a Game Room, a Swimming Pool and a Massage Room. Also they will have a Restaurant with very low prices.

    I guess all this Human Resources when was implemented will be contributing to give more satisfaction, happiness and pride to the employees. The Company will probably get an increase in their profits like it's happening with Google.

  2. Actually, quite a few of the technology companies in California offer benefits like those at Google. Of course, they also expect a lot of loyalty and long hours of work from their employees!

  3. Pedro, what company are you talking about? Where did you use to work? I'd surely love to have some facilities at work, especially a fitness and massage center, maybe a hairdresser too.

  4. I worked 19 years at Poupex. I'm retired now, but they are on the verge of moving to the new building. If I'm not wrong, the emplyees will have a hairdresser, as well.

  5. The Google employees given some perks that are: Fitness center, barbershop, game room, car wash, massage center, restaurant with free food, free medical assistance and other.

    The employees are pro active and provide a large and continuous increase in their profits.

    Well, I think that in my workplace it couldn`t be implemented, but I believe that could be a viable solution only on Friday (to avoid compromising the development the company's activities) because the employees will work with more provision, happier, and would have a better quality of life. The result how Google could be a large increase profits in the company.

  6. Sorry, i did a mistake with my blog login...
    Anyway, the google perks are game room, free food, massage and a medical assistance.

    When Google provides this kind of benefits to their employees it want that they give their best to the company ant that they shown, at least, a lot of compromise and dedication to the Company.

    Well, in my job we dont have benefits at the same level of that Google provides to their employees, but we have medical assistance, game room, free transport to the Company and a restaurant into the company, but with no free food.

  7. Hello Jorge and Camila, thanks for posting your comments about Googleplex. Having some of these perks on Fridays would not be a bad idea at all Camila. Jorge, you mentioned you have free transportation. Do use the Company's transportation system or do they pay for your car gas?

  8. there are many perks given to a google emplyes. they don't need to pay a restaurants or fitness centers.
    I think that a lot of employees fell beter at work than at home so they work for more hours than employees in the others company.
    I would love to have this work sistem but I don't believe that I will have.

  9. Google employees have this perks, Free food, Fitness Center,Massage Center, Free Laundry, Free Medical Assistence, Game Room,etc...
    I think that this perks getting in return for their employee loyalty to company
    The Human Resources performed by Google are giving to them an increasing productivity;
    It was amazing IF i my job was like there, so I’m afrraid it’s not possible, Because it’s so expensive;
    in my job , have only this perks free: gymnastics work, films at lunchtime physiotherapist and masseur

  10. The employees can count on game room, free restaurant, free fitness center, barbershop, car washers, company massages, free medical assistance, etc.
    With this kind of benefits, google is getting the credibility of their employees, and specially a great increase in their profits. It’s perceptible that people are truly having a great time there. So in this sense, the employees get more compromised, and the productivity increases.
    I have never worked, I’m just studying… But I think that what google is doing for their employees is really important. People must feel comfortable sharing a little bit of their life with people they work with. On the other hand, I know it’s very hard for an enterprise to offer this kind of service. It depends on a serious management, and it might be expensive.

  11. The Google's employees have game room, free gourmet's food, free fitness, beard shop comes to you, free cars shop, massage, free laundry, free doctors (5), you can bring your pet and much more.

    The Google getting in return employees very happy and satisfied and more productivity.

    I don't think that Google's beneficits could be implemented in my workplace because the Google is very modern company, while my workplace is very traditional.

  12. Google gives many perks to the employees as a car wash, massage room, fitness, medical assistence, good food, etc.
    And google wants loyalty and dedication because if necessary the employees need to work all night long .
    In my workplace it couldn't be implement because my company is small, but this kind of benifits can increase our development in a job.